Warren Buffett challenges Donald Trump to release his tax returns


While campaigning for Hillary Clinton Monday in Nebraska, billionaire Warren Buffett dared Donald Trump to come forward with his tax returns.

“You will learn a whole lot more about Donald Trump if he produces his income tax returns,” the world’s fourth richest person said. “That’s why I’d like to make him an offer, an offer I hope he can’t refuse. Donald Trump at one point — he says various things at different times — said he can’t release it because he’s under audit. I’ve got news for him, I’m under audit, too.”

To cheers, Buffett said he would be “delighted” to meet Trump “any place, any time” between now and Election Day. “I’ll bring my tax return, he can bring his tax return,” he said. “No one is going to arrest us. There are no rules against showing your tax returns. [We can] just let people ask us questions about the items on there.” Buffett then posed a question to the crowd. “How many of you would be afraid to have your tax return made public?” he asked. “You’re only afraid if you’ve got something to be afraid about.”

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