Washington claims: Hillary Clinton gets off the ‘email hook’


hillary clintonBias hits the FBI as the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email saga merits no sanctions.

The most baffling thing to understand about the Hillary Clinton email controversy is that it may possibly force you to radically revise your own opinion of Clinton as to whether or not she can be president of the USA.

Each week presents a new twist in the email saga of Hillary, and that’s why it will continue to haunt Clinton as long as she’s running for president.

A basic rundown on the Hillary case: in January 2009 Clinton aides set up an email domain called Clintonemail.com. It was set up just around the period Clinton was going through Senate confirmation hearings to become the Secretary of State. Rather than using the government system for the State messages and her own for her private affairs, Clinton exclusively used email addresses tied to the private server for both her work and personal email which is against laid down laws. That was the genesis of the whole Clinton email saga.

The case having traveled over the years between 2009 to date, four classified messages of a ‘security referral’ and not a criminal one were found among 40 samples of Hillary’s emails. The FBI was to pick the case from there and handle it per the rules of the land.

After a yearlong probe, The Federal Bureau of Investigation claimed to have found evidence of “extremely careless” handling of emails by the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee and that at least over 100 emails contained classified information when they were sent.

The aftermath of the case was that the FBI recommended that “no reasonable prosecutor” would press charges against Hillary. Although the Department of Justice is responsible for final decisions on such matters, it is highly likely that the recommendations of the FBI would be held.

It is in the wake of these new updates of the FBI that we rise to speak against the manner the U.S.A handles issues of their own. On the American scene, a clear view corruption is witnessed day in and out but is massaged and put away. Considering the Clintons and their involvements in scandals, it is realized that it has been their nature. A good example is the Kelly Duda, an Arkansas native’s scandal –we leave its judgment to you.

Corruption is an essential part of the American political scene, but we more often than not hear and witness America criticizing alleged corrupt practices in foreign countries while they cover-up their domestic corruption. That’s exactly what we witnessed in the Hillary case as cover-up keeps coming from every angle. That hypocrisy is on the part of Washington.

Observing the political systems of both Democrats and Republicans, it is obvious these politicians just play on the intelligence of the populace to seek their personal comfort. These leaders are never worthy of our votes since they are dishonest, corrupt and do not have the hearts of the masses.

Why would time meant for our personal businesses be wasted on voting for leaders who care less about us than about themselves?

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