Watch Puppy Bowl 2017 Live Online: Start Time, Streaming For Sunday’s Big Game


watch puppy bowl 2017 live online start time streaming

On Sunday, many viewers will be looking to watch Puppy Bowl 2017 live online via a streaming feed. This will be Sunday’s other big game, as cute canines will take the field to show their skills. The latest game will feature more of everyone’s furry favorites, with new aspects added to the game. Here’s a look at the Puppy Bowl 2017 start time, TV channel, game odds, and how to watch it all via live streaming online methods this Super Bowl Sunday.

Sunday’s main event will be the live Super Bowl 51 game featuring the New England Patriots taking on the Atlanta Falcons. While millions are eagerly anticipating the annual football game, there are also many fans awaiting the latest Puppy Bowl 2017 edition. The fun-filled animal lover’s alternative to the NFL’s brand of hard-hitting football has reached a high level of popularity over the years. There are even betting odds over which team will win the game and which puppy player will trot off the field with the MVP award!

Puppy Bowl 2017 on Animal Planet XIII
The Puppy Bowl 2017 returns to Animal Planet for the XIII edition of the annual game. [Image by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images]

As recently reported via Vox, this game featuring puppies playing football first started as a concept as a way to try to counter all of the Super Bowl Sunday NFL coverage and give those viewers less interested in football a more appealing option. Thus, the Puppy Bowl was officially born on Animal Planet as “counterprogramming” back in February of 2005 and featured dogs running around in front of cameras. The earliest editions were simply looped over and over again so that viewers could tune in at basically any time to “ooh” and “aww” at the cuteness of it all. Fast forward over a decade, and the game is a larger scale production that attracts viewers at a scheduled time.

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This year’s game will be Puppy Bowl XIII and once again features a variety of puppies from pet shelters. The game not only provides some captivating entertainment but also helps to promote the cause of adoption to bring more furry friends out of the shelters and into loving homes. The annual contest features Team Ruff against Team Fluff and includes such competitors as 9-week-old Pomsky Alexander Hamilpup, Pit Bull Daphne, Chihuahua mix Daisy Moses, English Pointer Doobert, and Daschund/Rat Terrier mix Squirt.

The Animal Planet website gives background on all 40 pups in this year’s starting lineups to scout the talent ahead of the big game. One of them will even be named the “Most Valuable Pup” or MVP when the game is all said and done.

Being cute is clearly a prerequisite for competing in this particular game, but it’s no surprise that Squirt from Team Ruff leads this year’s contenders for 2017 Puppy Bowl MVP. The diminutive dog currently has 7 to 1 odds to win the award this year. His teammate Woody is tied with three dogs from Team Fluff with 9 to 1 odds each. Blitz, Sable, and Alexander Hamilpup each hold odds on Paddy Power for their Puppy Bowl novelty bet. As for which team will win the matchup, Team Ruff as the favorite with odds of 4 to 9, while Team Fluff is an underdog at 6 to 4 odds to win, as of this report.

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Puppy Bowl competitor on Animal Planet
Adorable animals are the norm when it comes to the annual Puppy Bowl matchup. [Image by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images]

Each year the big game features new innovations and features to add to the entertainment value. These have included different types of animal cheerleaders, pre-game and post-game specials, and live stream cameras of practice sessions. For viewers who want to get an early glimpse of what to expect from this year’s game, Animal Planet has a “Pup’s Eye View” virtual reality experience set up on their website. There’s also Meep the Bird, a cockatiel who tweets about the game for viewers to follow along with for special commentary from a bird’s view on Twitter.

The Puppy Bowl 2017, aka Puppy Bowl XIII, is scheduled for a 3 p.m. Eastern Time start time, or 12 p.m. Pacific Time. The game will be featured on the Animal Planet channel for television viewers. To watch it live streaming, cable and satellite viewers will need to use the Animal Planet Go website or compatible apps by logging in with their TV provider account. This will allow full viewing of the Puppy Bowl live streaming as it takes place Sunday just before the big game from Houston, Texas.

Will you be watching the annual Puppy Bowl on Sunday? Who will win this year’s matchup, Team Ruff or Team Fluff?

[Featured Image by John Parra/Getty Images]

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