3 Waterproof Fitness Trackers to Consider


Whether you are a swimmer, someone who enjoys swimming, cycling and other activities, or just someone who simply wants to wear a fitness tracker 24 hours, 7 days a week and shower with it on, a waterproof fitness tracker is the best option. Below are three waterproof fitness trackers

Polar V800 – Up next we have the polar v800. This fitness tracker seriously looks the part as it features a scratch-proof glass screen, metal buttons, plus a very comfortable rubber strap that is ideal for physical activity. There are pre-loaded metric screens including laps, heart rate, pace, calories burnt, and much more. To use the watch, you are required to set up personalised data pages using the included software, which can take time, but is still very much worth it. For swimming, this device is perfect as it is waterproof for up-to 30 metres. With this, you can measure heart rate, distance covered, and you can even analyse each stroke you make in the water. The battery lasts a very long time, it easily syncs with smart devices, and the GPS signal is very accurate.

Basis Peak – Finally, last on our list we have the Basis Peak activity tracker. This device features a monochrome, 1.25 inch LCD screen protected by Gorilla glass, making it virtually unbreakable. It is very tough so can withstand a lot of punishment, whether in the water, in the gym, or in the great outdoors. With a waterproof function of more than 50 metres, this is fantastic for anybody on an outdoor swimming adventure holiday, or even those of you just looking to do some laps in the pool. The screen is touch sensitive so you can swipe through what you need, and what’s more, when worn, it constantly tracks your steps, heart rate, and calories burnt off. Charging the peak is also very simple, as it comes with a charging cradle in which the device simply needs to be dropped in and left to recharge. Although not much use in the water, the peak features a highly accurate sleep tracking function, so you can track not only how much sleep you had, but the quality of the sleep you received as well.

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Moov Now – With a battery life of 6 months this waterproof fitness tracker is very affordable. At around $70, you can use it for swimming, running, cycling and more, plus sports voice coaching which uses a collection of workout plans designed to monitor the metrics, guide a person achieve fitness goals and improve one’s form. A notable feature for swimmers, the Moov Now will monitor the number of swim strokes, this is handy if you are looking to improve your swim efficiency.  Lastly, it has a 7-minute workout which will give you a variety of exercises to perform from squats, sit ups, push ups and more.  A very handy fitness tracker.

All three fitness wearables will be handy for tracking your workout and sessions. From beginners to exercising to the fitness geeks a fitness tracker is a useful device for monitoring one’s level of fitness.  To get the maximum value from it, you have to use it consistently.

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