Westside Cafe is ok with Breast Feeding


westside cafe, fort worth, texas(Fort Worth, TX) As of today, we have changed our policy and will allow mothers to openly breast feed, whether they are covered or not. We apologize again, if asking a mother to cover up was offensive to any of our guests. We try to consider the feelings of our guests when taking any action on policies, but we feel the offense to the mothers outweighed the concern for others.

Customers have mixed feelings about the policy change:

Elizabeth Grattan writes, “If it was offensive?

We are talking about children latching for milk. The mere notion you’d think that had to be hidden is outrageous.

Your replies to the initial complaint were horrific. Have you made a public apology to them for how you accused her of not being forth right? How incredibly rude you were to her?

You also ought to consider the actual law when considering policies. You tried to make a policy that directly contradicts with the legal statute.

Again: it’s a child eating.”

And Pamela Pierce states,I really don’t want to see your boobs plopped out and a kid suckling from it. I breast fed but I had the decency to cover up while doing it. I don’t care if it’s natural. Since I did it, I get that, but they have blankets to cover you up while you do it. I don’t mind that it’s at the table. But I don’t want to see your boobs. And of you show me yours, I’ll show you mine and trust me, don’t nobody want to see mine.”

And Amanda Greenly says, “Pamela Pierce, you could, ya know, pay attention to your own food and the people you’re dining with. Staring is rude in general. Also be advised that the world isn’t obligated to ensure you never see something you find unpleasant. I don’t particularly like looking at middle aged women’s muffin tops accentuated by their thin fabric t-shirt from Walmart, but, eh. God gave me a neck AND the ability to move my eyes wherever I want. So I do! Get it?”

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