When Flipping the Bird isn’t a Bad Thing…!


When Flipping the Bird isn’t a Bad Thing…!


Crazy Birds Clubhouse is developing a new mobile gaming app called Flip The Bird.


Based on the crazy adventures of Bubbles the canary and Alfalfa the gerbil, the game promises to be just as wacky as they are.


What makes this gaming app stand out from all others is that someone, maybe even you, is going to have the chance to be a character in the game.


This unique opportunity will go to the person who raises the most money through referrals in the Indiegogo referral contest launched by Crazy Birds Clubhouse.


The winner can also choose to give the prize to someone else as a gift instead, complete with a personalized gift certificate, or even have their own pet become the character.


In addition, a knapsack customized with the winner’s character and full of goodies including an Apple iPod Shuffle will be part of the prize package.


The contest runs from October 31, 2016 to December 30, 2016.


For more information and complete set of rules, visit www.crazybirds.club


To take part in the referral contest visit www.indiegogo.com  (https://igg.me/at/flipthebird)


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