Where to post my daily deals now that deals woot is gone


Deals.Woot was a division of the Daily Deal website Woot that allowed users (everyday consumers and e-commerce businesses) to share deals with the world. It helped many small businesses as well as large businesses get in front of targeted shoppers for free as well as an opportunity to pay for ‘featured ads’ to get noticed even more. For quite some time the website created amazing targeted traffic and sales for many e-commerce websites. In fact, many small businesses relied on the website for a majority of it’s sales! ┬áThen in 2010, Amazon acquired Woot for a reported $110 Million. Since then, Deals.Woot slowly started losing momentum, as the moderators and ‘division’ managers started taking steps back in what we guess was a slow phasing out of the less than lucrative part Woot that was once thriving.


So…where is their left to go for small e-commerce businesses?
There are actually quite a few options out there, but most do not allow ‘self-promotion’. A few to mention would be Slick Deals and Fat Wallet. If you can get your deal listed on one of those websites, you can do very well! If you get caught self-promoting, you will be banned!

One website we suggest, that is up and coming, is Feedia.us! Currently the website allows you to submit your own deal (for free), and they even offer very affordable promotion options that include ‘Featuring’ your deal with promotion on several other websites and social networks. Feedia is currently receiving more than 10K unique visitors a week (97% + in the USA) and growing!

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