Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins


Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins Now Include Iodine

Best Nest Wellness Answers Overwhelming Demand By Improving Their Prenatal Vitamin To Include Methylfolate and Iodine


whole food prenatal vitamins
Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins

Best Nest Wellness just improved their best-selling Best Nest Prenatal™ Vitamin to include iodine.  This new inclusion is a response to demand from Best Nest Wellness customers and fans.  They also added a natural vanilla flavor.

To celebrate their re-launch, they are offering an Amazon exclusive 20% discount, from August 12 to August 18, 2016 (see Related Links below for the discount code).

Created by a doctor mom, Best Nest Prenatal Vitamin is nutritionally complete, easy to swallow, and contains the most absorbable nutrients known. It is perfect for prenatal, pregnancy, IVF, postnatal and breastfeeding mothers.

Best Nest Prenatal™ Vitamin is one of few prenatal vitamins that include methylfolate and methylcobalamin, which are more absorbable nutrients than are offered by most of their competitors.

Methylfolate is a more absorbable form of folic acid, for optimal neurological development.  50% of all people has a genetic variation that prevents them from absorbing folic acid.  Unless expectant moms know, via testing, whether they have this genetic variation, it is recommended to take a prenatal vitamin with methylfolate, to ensure absorption.

“It’s important not just to take your prenatal vitamin, but to know you are absorbing what’s in them,” says doctor Madhavi Gupta, co-founder.  “That’s where we come in.  We provide the most bioavailable ingredients.  We do the research.  We do the work, so our customers don’t need to.  That’s how we will make a meaningful impact.”

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About Best Nest Wellness

Best Nest Wellness provides families with high quality products to support wellness both for mind and body.  These include supplements and care products, as well as online classes and programs to provide education as a key to overall wellness and health.  The company’s mission is for health and information to be effective, accessible, sustainable, safe and natural.

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