Why binary options better than forex?


Binarnye-OpcionyWith each passing day it becomes more and more traders who trade binary options. Options begin trading as beginners to trade currency on the international market, shares and other financial instruments, as well as experienced traders who have traded currency pairs on Forex. What is the secret of the popularity of binary options and why they are the best Forex trading? It’s very simple – trading options a lot easier, even with the same currency pairs as Forex. Besides the fact that binary options on their own a lot easier, they provide users with more features and a guaranteed income of 70% on each order.

Ease of binary options is that here you do not need to study specific literature, to learn a lot of new terms, make constant calculations, taking into account the margin, maximum drawdown, deposit download, calculate the percentage of the risk. To put a stop-loss, keep track of the transaction to its close in time or move to breakeven, count time intervals, use of indicators, advisors, to develop its own strategy and much, much more. There is no need to learn all of this, you only need to spend half an hour to learn the basics of technical analysis such as trend lines and levels of support and resistance. To understand and correctly predict further price movement and simply choose «call» or «put». Try it now!


This way, You do not sit and spend a transaction from start to finish, and simply press a button and you
can forget about it until the expiration (the closing of the option). It does not need constant price
fluctuations up and down, you do not depend on each pip traveled price. If Forex is your profit depends on each pip, here, your profit is strictly fixed and it does not matter, raised the price (if you have an option to that the price is higher) to 70 pips, or just one pip, you still get your 70% of the profits.
This is a huge advantage in trade, which has already expressed a preference for a lot of traders to trade in the Forex market previously. Also, if on Forex your chances depend only on how much you have correctly carried out the analysis of the currency pair, the binary options your chances are 50/50. It is even possible is that you don predict course price, but at the time of expiration, the price will be at your side just 1 pip, and you still get the same profit.

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In addition, the binary options are no such restrictions for trade policies that put brokers in the Forex market. For example, some forex brokers, prohibit traders to trade for “scalping” system or
otherwise also called “pipsing”, that is to open short position and close the deal when the price has risen or fallen by only a few pips. In binary options, you can freely open to buy a short-term option
with the expiration of the completion of an hour. Also on the Forex market at the moment the brokers are trying to prohibit traders to use the strategy of “locking out” (when simultaneously opened two trades in opposite directions), a bright example of this new MT5 terminal. In binary options, you can also freely purchase option for a price reduction and, at the same time to increase, so shut unprofitable option if you make a mistake and incorrectly predicted the course price.

Unlike the forex market, where trade only currency pairs, binary options offer a huge range of financial instruments. These are the same currency pairs as Forex, stocks of different companies, indices, or even exotic items. Due to this, trading binary options can be carried out round the clock, 7 days a week, as there are always financial instruments that can be traded.

Due to its simplicity, in the binary options trading can understand anyone who has absolutely no knowledge of any trade in the stock market, currency, or any other market. And this is initially a 50% chance of success. And if you learn the basics of technical analysis, follow the news, pre-select themselves the most clear to you in his behavior of financial instruments, the right to determine the time of purchase of the option, then your chances of success, reaching almost 100%.

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