Why does Walmart Allow Vaping in Its Stores?

closeup of woman smoking electronic cigarette outdoor
closeup of woman smoking electronic cigarette outdoor

Vaping is the term that people that use electronic cigarettes use to describe their bad habit – but simply its still smoking. People that use these devices think, wrongly, that it is ok to use them inside buildings because the door says “no smoking,” and not “no vaping.”

Companies like Walmart don’t enforce the policy nor do they allow their associates to do so either. Associates at Walmart are instructed to get a manager when they see someone using an electronic cigarette and to not confront the offending customer. But no one does. Management believes that use of an electronic cigarette is safe but studies have show that they are no safer than smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Walmart should consider adding signs such as these to warn Vapers that their bad habit is not allowed in the store.


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