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Found in Wisconsin (foundinwi.com), a blog/magazine all about Wisconsin that already promotes local businesses, has learned a lot about businesses in Wisconsin and the way customers react to deals, social media, and online reviews.

It’s hard to even believe that their are still businesses in this day and age that don’t have or want any sort of presence online, says Lane Bashaw (Co-Owner of FoundinWi.com). It’s no secret that the Midwest isn’t exactly front runners when it comes to technology and trends, but consumers are taking the jump much quicker than businesses. What does that mean? It means that many businesses are missing these customers because they are finding their next dinner or hotel stay right from their computer, tablet, or phone!

What about the businesses that are online? There are many Wisconsin Businesses out there that are doing a pretty good job, but there is always more to learn!  Getting your business listed in Local Directories is a great way to gain organic traffic to your website, great social media, and business location. Did we mention the backlinks, search engine results, and social shares? Many of these sites are free (for a basic listing), but paying for a listing is still well worth the long term results you will receive, and offer a way to get reviewed by your customers. This is the best marketing you could ever ask for and this method is one the cheapest ways to boost your credibility and business with little work!

Which Directories Should You Use?rinw-screen1

There are many good Directories out there like: Angie’s List, and Google’s Business Listings, but we recommend you check out the new Wisconsin Only Directory called: Reviews in Wisconsin (by FoundinWi.com). It was created to showcase the Best of Wisconsin. Based on Reviews, the website/app will for sure be a widely used resource for New and Repeat Customers and Visitors to find the Best Businesses, Entertainment, Events, and Services for years to come.

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Reviews in Wisconsin is currently in a Beta Launch……meaning the website is LIVE and OPERATIONAL, but it has not been widely advertised or promoted as of yet. Interested in getting your business listed during the Beta Period? Email: reviewsinwisconsin@gmail.com

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