Wonderful Wind Chimes Introduces New Product Line to Enhance Outdoor Decor



Wonderful Wind Chimes Introduces New Product Line to Enhance Outdoor Decor

Spring is just a few weeks away. Now is the time to start thinking about a garden makeover. Sure there is the cleaning up of winters wrath, but there are more pleasant tasks too, such as scrubbing the patio and furniture, planting the annuals and hanging the new windchimes.

Online PR News – 20-February-2013 – BALITMORE, Md. Family owned and operated, Wonderful-windchimes just unveiled their selection of chimes to please any soul and budget.

Tuned to play select well-matched and melodious notes to remind the listener of favorite compositions, modern windchimes come in many metallic, wooden and even LED-lighted versions. While this helps to tie-together outdoor decor, it is often difficult to decide which one to buy.

My wife and I started to sell wind chimes as a way to offer customers more dimension to their gardens, said DeCarlo Harrison-Owner. Gardens should incorporate as many of the senses as possible and we saw an opportunity to include the one sense that was often overlooked-hearing.

Perhaps purchasing several chimes is the answer. Use one in the front garden and another in the back-or consider changing chimes every few weeks to add variety to the musical ambiance. After all, most gardens have more than one type of vegetation planted to provide visual interest. Each available wind chime material provides a unique type of sound. Resonance created by the metal chime is quite different than the mellow and hollow creations by wood, while crystal and glass chimes offer still another fairy-dance-tinkle-like sound.

A suggestion is to buy wind chimes early in the season, so that the tasks of getting ready to live outside are a bit easier as the music plays. The level of personal enjoyment helps make time go faster.
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About Wonderful Windchimes

The new kid on the block, family owned and operated, Wonderful Windchimes has unique and unusual chimes for every visual and auditory taste.

Since their opening, they pride themselves on customer service and offering the best in quality chimes.

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