Wonderful Windchimes Adds Elegant Slate Chimes to its Extensive Selection of High Quality Products



Wonderful Windchimes Adds Elegant Slate Chimes to its Extensive Selection of High Quality Products

Spring is in the air, and that means open windows and delightful spring breezes. The lilting sounds of wind chimes make spring breezes even more pleasant. Wonderful Windchimes now offers the beautiful and elegant slate wind chime.

Online PR News – 18-April-2013 – Wonderful Windchimes has many beautiful ornaments for both indoor and outdoor areas in many different styles. The slate windchime is the newest addition to the enormous selection and is made of the finest of metamorphic rock. From a purely metaphysical approach, slate has soothing, healing properties that almost automatically put people at ease when they see these delightful chimes. They will bring a captivating and enchanting look to any dcor.

All of the Slate Chimes available at Wonderful Windchimes carry vibrant, rich tones. There are two styles of melodies to choose from so visitors to the site can select the one that suits their taste best while getting the high quality, affordable chimes they want to enhance their yards and homes. All of the new slate chimes include all natural stone in the striker, the top and wind plate. The chime bars come in light or dark metal to enhance the natural beauty of the slate stone chimes.

Along with the new slate wind chimes, customers will find a huge selection of chimes available at Wonderful Windchimes including many different octave and strength choices. There are the big, long, thick piping for wind chimes that create deeper, stronger, heavier sounds like the church bell wind chimes and tubular bells wind chime selections as well as light and airy teapot wind chimes or celestial wind chime choices. Wonderful Windchime has pieces for both indoor and outdoor use that incorporate all of the different octaves and notes so customers can select the sounds best for them. These can vary from powerful Corinthian bell wind chimes to graceful and peaceful amazing grace chimes. There are even solar wind chimes wholesale and indoor solar wind chimes.

Founded and headquarter in Baltimore, Maryland, Wonderful Wind Chimes has been family owned and operated since its inception. Their success comes from treating every customer as if they are a part of their very own family, not to mention their high premium, top quality wind chimes! They truly believe that every wind chime has a home to please and a soul to soothe.

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