Yacht chartering: Immerse yourself in luxury


The yacht charter market is gaining traction day by day as more and more people want to spend a quiet or an adventurous weekend or a few days on the sea. In yacht chartering, one rents a small yacht or a motor yacht for travelling to various coastal or island destinations. Such kind of yacht chartering activities can be done by an individual or by a few persons or even for a corporate activity in which more than 50 people are involved. Yacht charter is of two kinds, bareboat and crewed. In bareboat yacht charter, an individual rents the yacht and skippers it without any kind of assistance, while in a crewed charter, the yacht is rented with a crew. The crewed charter ranges from two persons serving as a captain and a chef in a 35 foot boat or crew that consists of 30 or more people where there are different types of crew members such as engineers, chefs, etc. in a 300 foot yacht. In a bareboat kind of yacht charter, care must be taken to ensure that the occupants have the knowledge of basic seamanship.

There are two basic categories of yacht charters. Uninspected passenger yachts and inspected passenger ships. Uninspected passenger yachts are also known as six packs as such kind of yachts carry only six or fewer passengers. There are different kinds of six pack yachts such as sailing yachts, fishing boats or power yachts. While this kind of yacht chartering is least expensive, one also needs a licensed captain or a skipper with the occupants all the time while the yacht is sailing. In inspected yacht charters, which carry more than six people, there are different types of yachts available like large sailing yachts and even cruise ships. Such kind of yachts offer varied facilities to the occupants that smaller yachts cannot offer like live music, catering, DJ, etc.

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In order to charter a yacht, one needs to contact a broker first. Here, the job of the broker goes beyond the financial negotiations and they have all the technical knowledge about the yachts and the kind of crew it may need. Based on the preferences and needs of the individual, the broker assists in renting out the right yacht. One can also choose the specific facilities that one needs on board a yacht and enjoy sailing in the sea or ocean.

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